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Strategic Analysis Tools

Strategic Analysis Tools

When conducting a strategic analysis of your business environment there are many methodologies you can use. I have found the following five tools the most useful in assisting me to form a strategic direction.

1. Environmental Analysis Tool

2. Industry Attractiveness Tool

3. SWOT Analysis Tool

4. Competitor Analysis Tool

5. Cusyomer Analysis Tool

  1. My book gives an overview of these tools and the diagram attached is a example of my Industry Attractiveness Tool
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A Simple One Page Business Plan

There is a lot of jargon used in this area and, where possible, it is better to avoid it. The value of business planning comes from the involvement in the process and the clear establishment of short-term targets and activities.

The essential elements of good business plans are:

  • Keep directions and strategies simple
  • Standard format to aid deployment
  • Simple process with a clear timetable
  • Good participation for surfacing of issues
  • Logical link established between different levels of the organisation

My book explains this in more detail.


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Case Study – Rapid Phenotyping

Rapid Phenotyping is an Australian company, formed in 2016 by Antony Martin, Jamie Flynn and William Palmer.

Using in-house, custom algorithms, they have developed a new, high-throughput platform that is compatible with any liquid or solid material. They have streamlined the process of calibrating accurate spectral predictions and making routine compositional analysis of materials rapid, cost-effective and accurate.

So far, they have applied this technology to rapid compositional analysis and online monitoring of agricultural and food products, but the possibilities are limitless.

Read their story in Antony Martin’s own words in my book.