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Is this book for me?

Building a start-up or new business is tough. The odds are stacked against you, so you need all the help and sound advice you can get.

Call a Business Angel by Dr Eileen Doyle is a practical guide with toolkits and templates and case studies to help start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators beat the odds and succeed. It is also very helpful for new Angel Investors starting out.

If you’re on a journey to build a successful business, Call a Business Angel is an essential book for your success and longevity, especially if you are:

An innovator. The journey from invention to innovation and commercialisation is tough. Call a Business Angel explains how to travel this pathway, execute your strategy and fund your growth.

A start-up founder. By reading this book, you’ll give your start-up the best chance of being in the 8% of all start-ups that succeed and scale and secure that critical angel investor funding.

An entrepreneur. five toolkits for everything you don’t know but need to know to turn your idea into a successful business.

An aspiring business owner. Looking to get out of the corporate grind or realise your dream?

An Angel Investor starting out. Some helpful hints to improve your investment risk.

A student of business and entrepreneurship. Call a Business Angel provides the practical and proven business systems and practices you won’t learn in any course or program. Combining 30 years of business, corporate and leadership experience with angel investing, this book is the practical guide to building a business using proven tools, analysis and execution.

What readers are saying

“[Call a Business Angel] is a common sense approach to complex business issues.”
— Dr Larry Marshall, CSIRO
“[This book] is a conversational companion to building your business to commercialise invention.”— Jordan Green, Australian Association of Angel Investors