About the Book

Call a Business Angel by Dr Eileen Doyle delivers a concise and clear overview of the key business tools start-ups and SMEs need to understand and implement to give them the best chance of building a successful business.

What topics does the book cover?

Innovation ecosystem

Call a Business Angel provides an overview of how the start-up and innovation system works in Australia, where and how to source business and financial support and what early-stage investors are looking for.

Making a great pitch

Study the ten key messages you need to give i your pitch to anangel investor

Case studies

Read the informative case studies in the Founders own words

Business basics

The toolkits dive deep into the five key tools a start-up or new business needs to propel itself successfully from idea through to development, growth and success. Follow these five basics and you’ll be way ahead of the pack!


In Call a Business Angel, Dr Eileen Doyle explores the personal skills and insights you need to lead your start-up or new business to success. To lead others you need to know yourself, your business and the market.

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